Using diatomaceous earth is an easy and economical way to boost your Pet and small animal health, and live a happy and productive life.

Completely Chem-Free, Organic and Safe to use!

Diatoamaceous Earth and pets is a natural fit into your busy lifestyle and keeping a healthy, clean, organic environment for your animals.

Diatomaceous Earth is a must have for your kennels, cages and small animal environments. With so many uses, it’s a go-to for all of those on cage cleaning duty! Instead of other chemical based products consider using Diatomaceous Earth such as our Kennel-N-Cage as an everyday product to keep kennels, cages, litter boxes, rabbit hutches, chicken coops, bird cages and reptile houses dry, and smelling fresh.

Diatomaceous Earth is a great bedding booster. Super absorbent, allowing bedding and shavings to stay dryer longer. Keeps harmful Ammonia odors at bay allowing for a sweet, fresh, clean air environment. Simply clean your cage, apply Kennel-N-Cage to major wet and soiling areas, and apply shavings or bedding over the top. Pick out as needed. For Kennels, use to soak up wet messes, and make removal and clean up easy. Helps to dry out, and reduce fecal and urine odors.

Natural Feed Additive:

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural mineral feed additive, add to your pet or birds feed for a healthy coat, bright eyes, and healthy plumage. (see our feed chart under Livestock DE)
The Silica in all of our Diatomaceous Earth products helps rebuild connective tissues. Naturally occurring Minerals are more readily absorbed by the body and enhance the bodies natural function and operations. It is tasteless and odorless, and mixes easily into feed.

Kennel-N-Cage is a must for all birds and exotic fowl! Mixing into feed produces thicker stronger eggshells, bright plummage and eyes. Mixing Kennel-N-Cage equal parts to sand and putting it in large tub to use as a natural feather dust bath is a must for your birds and provides bright, beautiful, clean plummage!

The Health Ranch hopes you love using Diatomaceous Earth as much as we do!

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