Crawling Insect Killer

100% Organic Diatomaceous Earth
EPA Registered, OMRI Certified (Organic Material Review Institute) Listed

EPA Reg.No. 73729-1-67197
EPA Establishment No. 073729-NV-001

Best Organic Natural Insecticide

Zero Neurotoxins, Zero Resistance, Zero negative environmental impact! Surprisingly, Diatomaceous Earth is well known as a chemical free, non-toxic, alternative bug killer.  It works so well, once you use it, you will never go back to toxic sprays, granules or other forms. Diatomaceous earth works via a mechanical action on the bug instead of a chemical action.  As a bug comes in contact with the dust, it scratches the protective waxy coating off of the bugs exoskeleton and the bug dehydrates to death.  There is never any harmful residue left on the environment, no toxic chemicals seeping into the earth, and no harmful neurotoxic fumes to breathe.  Best of all, no waiting period, like bug bombs or airing out your room, and it’s perfectly safe for pets and your kids!

Flea Protection for Dogs and Cats

Diatomaceous Earth is an excellent alternative for nasty, chemical flea treatments.  Ever have your dog or cat run away when trying to treat with other formulas?  They know it’s harmful, and many animals have unwanted side-effects, such as skin reactions, coming off of food for a few days, and lethargy or lack of energy.  What if you could avoid all of that, and still kill the fleas?  It’s easy, just dust your pet, and any bedding or kennel, or wherever you are seeing fleas.  Enjoy your flea free pet, home and healthy environment.


Blood sucking, icky, crawly, disease carrying ticks!  Yuck!  Diatomaceous earth is a natural, chemical free way to control ticks on all pets, and livestock.  It works the same way on all bugs, by dehydrating the tick to death.  Simply dust your animal, and their living area, or wherever you are coming into contact with ticks.  Typically ticks that are embedded, such as in horses, take as little as 4 hours to 18 hours to dry up and fall off, depending on engorgement.  Diatomaceous Earth also has a repellent effect on ticks and biting insects, keeping your animal bug free.

Best Ant Killer

Ants can be pesky, hard to get rid of, and not to mention dangerous when they bite.  Diatomaceous earth is one of the best natural ant killers around.  A simple dusting of the powder on their ant hill, and using it along their trails, and anywhere they are coming into your home.  Dust around the foundation, into cracks, and especially wherever there is an ample water source.  To kill large ant nests, dust liberally, can take up to 48 hours for effective kill, disturb nest and reapply as needed, until you no longer see the ants.

Best Bed Bug Killer

Bed bugs are hard to see, and even harder to get rid of, but you can do it safely and effectively.  We recommend completely dismantling your bed, vacuum all cracks and crevices thoroughly on the bed frame, mattress, and in your bedroom.  Dust all cracks, crevices and even work it into the seems of your mattress, with diatomaceous earth.  You can even use special mattress sacks that you can put DE into and then put your mattress into.  As long as the bed bugs come into contact with the diatomaceous earth they will continue to die.

Long Lasting, Permanent Home Bug Control

Did you know that Diatomaceous Earth is a permanent solution to home bug control?  As long as it stays dry and doesn’t get washed away by rain, sprinklers or running water.  How?  Diatomaceous earth can be blown into crawl spaces, attics, basements, in-between cracks, floor joyces, walls, etc.  anywhere you would expect to find spiders, ants, bed bugs, roaches, silverfish, moths, flies, crawling insects, fleas, mites.

Natural Insect Repellant for Gardens

Nothing works better in the garden than Diatomaceous Earth.  For a lush, bountiful, insect free garden.  Diatomaceous earth can be dusted directly on plants to keep pests from eating away at your harvest or ornamentals.  A natural soil amendment, mix directly into your soil for nutrient dense soil.  Replaces depleted minerals, and helps soil to retain moisture, and breaks up rocky, hard soils. There are a variety of dusters on the market such as crank dusters or backpack dusters, that make application easy, and provide uniform application.

Crops & Orchards

Don’t stop at the garden, commercial application of diatomaceous earth is well researched, with astounding data.  Not only as an organic insecticide, but research suggests that dusting on orchard fruits acts as a natural frost, and sunscreen.  Don’t forget working it into the soil for added nutrient and remineralization.  Read more…..

Horses, Cattle, and other livestock

Flying and biting insects not only cause discomfort but can be a huge concern for herd health, causing high vet bill’s, unacceptable toxic load, and loss of production, or performance.  Diatomaceous earth can be a cost effective, eco-friendly solution.  Dusting animals with Diatomaceous earth is an effective way to keep lice, face flies, mites, ticks, and other biting insects away from your herd.  Simply use a dustin mizer (link), or put into an old baby powder bottle, to dust horses, cattle and other livestock, dust barns, manure piles, for effective larvae control, or put out in a corral wherever animals roll frequently to self-dust.  Another option is to put in a burlap bag and hang in a spot that the herd frequents to get a good rub and self-dust.

Manure off-gassing and Manure Pile Larvae control

Feed lots, stalls, calving sheds, hog barns, milking parlors, and dairies can benefit from Diatomaceous Earth unique odor neutralizing capacity.  Because diatomaceous earth is so porous, with a high surface area, it traps noxious odors, as well as drying out wet, mucky conditions.  Spreading diatomaceous earth on manure piles also is an effective, non-chemical alternative to larvae control, keeping barn flies down, and increasing the comfort and production of your herd.  It’s also great for composting!

Poultry, chickens, turkeys, and other fowl

Keep the mites and lice at bay and offer your poultry a healthy dust bath.  Use diatomaceous earth in your coop or poultry run and offer an ample amount in a favorite place where they dust bathe.  Mixing it at a rate not to exceed 2% of feed, offer it in feed to produce hard, thick eggshells, beautiful plummage and better feed conversion.

DISCLAIMER:   The information on this website is for educational purposes, it is not a substitute for a physician or veterinarians advice.  These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Any food chemical codex uses of diatomaceous earth other than those approved by the EPA, FDA or USDA are based on others reports. Diatomaceous earth is an anti-caking agent and a feed additive not to exceed 2% of ration.