about-usHorse Nut, Pet Collector (currently at 8 fur friends–is there a 12-step program for that?) , Horseshoer, Farrier to those of you with a more discriminating vocabulary, and the boring stuff–Registered Nurse, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Main Ass at Jack’s Mule Barn….Woman! to my husband….My Indian name is Squats-under-horse, yadayada…

My Super power: Able to scoop up a huge pile of horse apples in a single swoosh without dropping a single apple.

My Husband, Mark and I live in Big Sky Country, Montana, on a nice little spread we call THE HEALTH RANCH. At the Health Ranch, we both innovate new products and ideas to make life out in the country and town more manageable with safe, natural products, made with Diatomaceous earth and other minerals mined in Nevada..feel good again about what you use on your body and your animals!


Happy Trails!