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At the Health Ranch our commitment is to 100 % Pure, Premium, Fresh Water, FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth.

ORGANIC, GREEN, Simple Barn and Animal Life!

Diatomaceous Earth has been used for centuries and is a valuable alternative to chemicals, processed, or additive products.
When 100% natural, Organic and highly effective is important to you!
Sourced from the one of the worlds top Diatomaceous Earth deposits (Perma-Guard, NV) and packaged for consumer convenience.

The Health Ranch offers a full line of ONLY 100% Pure Diatomaceous Earth Products labeled for different uses.

Diatomaceous Earth can used as:

  • Feed Additive
  • Mineral Supplement
  • Garden soil amendment
  • Bedding Booster
  • Heavy Duty Odor Control
  • Neutralizes Harmful Ammonia
  • Superior Moisture Control
  • Super Absorbent
  • Inhibits bacterial growth and or mold
  • Natural Non-toxic, Tasteless, & Odorless
  • Water Additive for Algae control

Our Diatomaceous Earth products are 100% Safe for human and animal consumption, as well as natural topical treatment for fleas, ticks and other insects as well as home use.

Thank you in advance from The Health Ranch for purchasing our products!

Happy Trails!

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